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Handwriting Analysis For Recruitment

Suppose, you are late to reach the airport and a hustle surely can help you reach on time, it's difficult but not impossible!

For motivation, you make an offer to double your travel cost and that, any cab/taxi driver will be more than happy to receive. The pertinent question remains, can 'any' cab driver reach you to the airport on time? Almost all the cab drivers will love to take your money but they may not have the 'essential' skill-sets to deliver you to the airport much like an ambulance driver. So clarity, good intent, and (financial) motivation may be present but deliverability is still a big doubtful question! You risk failure, frustration also financial losses.

Same is the case in recruiting people in the workplace human resource domain. People are really motivated by juicy salaries that good companies can pay and these candidates may also have the good intention to deliver the goods, but are they really suitable for the work at hand? No company ever intentionally wants to recruit unsuitable candidates.

This is where handwriting analysis using graphology can come to play. The HR personnel can easily and must build realistic requirements of job profile (clarity) and a certified graphologist (practicing handwriting analysis) can easily match those requirements to the person's personality profile (using candidates handwriting samples) to find a close reasonable match. The match can be more than one shortlisted candidate and the final decision can still be taken my top management using their expertize, experience and other interview techniques.

This simple process of matching predefined required work skills with personal abilities can save the company a lot of heartaches, financial losses, and massive failures. Even the employee retention will be much higher because happy employees, truly make companies great.

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